About Us

Green Journey Distributors, Inc. was founded by a new mom who was on a mission to provide her children with as many green product choices as possible. With a real desire to bring eco-friendly products to the homes of all moms in the United States, Green Journey Distributors was formed. After working in the distribution and transportation industry for many years, moving products across the US was of no concern: finding the right product was the bigger challenge! Shortly after incorporating, Green Journey landed its first opportunity to distribute a brand that was a personal household favorite. Broody Chick Diapers were a staple in this new mom's home but purchasing these compostable diapers and wipes was a little trickier. After finding out that Broody Chick was looking for a US distributor, Green Journey made a call to Broody Chick's corporate headquarters. After a brief time, an exclusive distribution relationship was born.

Today we are very proud and excited to offer the products made by Broody Chick and Nurture Verde. These products contain only natural, fully compostable material from annually renewable resources, with 90% reduction in greenhouse gases vs. traditional synthetic material. We are proud to put our name behind these products as you will find them sitting on the shelves of our home on any given day!

We will be looking to broaden our product range in the near future! Let us know if you know of a small company looking to expand. We are dedicated to helping eco-friendly companies expand their customer base in the United States!

Why Green Journey?

Here at Green Journey, we are dedicated to helping you move your product out the door and into the homes of environmentally responsible consumers. We understand that as a small company, you do not have the marketing budgets and slotting allowances that some of the natural distributors require. We understand that you have come to a cross road in your professional journey and we know the obstacles that stand in the way of expanding your business. We have been in your shoes and we are here to help make the process seamless! With coast to coast distribution options, your growth is limitless.

Give us a call today and join our family! We believe in longevity and will be here to celebrate all of your milestones with you.